Smile TV was established in 2005 as a part of Aiwagulf Group strategic planning to merge in TV industry after the tremendous success of the group in Mobile business in terms of Content provider, Added Value services (VAS) and as an aggregator.

Smile TV was intended to serve in the beginning the chatters on screen as it was the trend then, however after going through the pace of experience in TV industry, Smile TV had shifted completely in 2nd Quarter of 2007 to a full screen TV reality and entertainment preserving the local taste and introducing international content and programming for the youth “Concerts, music videos” as well as producing our own shows in Kuwait, Lebanon, USA & Egypt.

Achievement Since it is a challenging identity in a market saturated with other TV stations, Smile TV had invested heavily on hiring highly qualified personnel and contracted with an international TV Consultancy Company “ACT PRODUCTIONS” and achieved together better rating specially in Kuwait as Smile TV in the first TV station in Kuwait & GCC with its Identity. Programs & projects Smile TV had achieved in such short time by investing on programming and its infrastructure at its Nilesat site tremendous amount of Money injected into the following projects below:

• Massari Documentary
• Beirut @ Night
• Limo Views
• LA Night
• Taxi Music Video
• Trio Turkish band live concert
• Sabah Al Watan operate
• Valentines Special music video with Ihab Toufic


Smile TV obligation is to better serve its clients and viewers with a commitments of ambitious dreams to be will be shared on screen.


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